About us

Consulting to enterprises and new startups

PALM Associates, Inc. 

PALM has specialized in implementing communications, networking and security products since 1992. Recent technology development includes the application of Machine Learning and AI to support cardiologists using imagery analysis and structured data analytics. With a core competency in mobile applications, systems and servers, customers include new startups and Fortune 500 customers. We use all modern interface technologies such as RESTful, JSON in products using ANSI, ITU, FHIR and Internet protocols. Software development is done in multi-threaded, high performance C++ as well as Python, Perl, Java, Ajax, and frameworks. Special emphasis is on Cyber Security threat assessments, large scale network performance including Big Data and sensor technology. Modeling with OPNET and performance analysis of VOIP systems has also been performed for carrier grade customers. PALM is currently assisting in US wide deployment of LTE and VoLTE networks for customers.

Our products have been deployed worldwide in a variety of network operator and enterprise environments.

PALM Associates, Inc.  palm@palmcorp.com (408) 254-8200
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